Introducing: Momo's Play Clothes

Introducing: Momo's Play Clothes

We are now carrying apparel at our Old City shop!
Here are our top 3 reasons for adding clothing:

1. You've been asking.

In our almost five years in business, there’s one question I’ve gotten more than any other: “Why don’t you sell kids’ clothes?” The inevitable follow-up question is always, “so where is the closest place I can buy kids’ clothes?” We’re excited to fill this void east of Broad Street.

2. Kids need clothes that encourage play.

The Momo’s Tree House philosophy is simple- babies, kids, and adults all learn through play, so we sell things that inspire play. I’ve turned down opportunities to sell things that don’t fit with our values, and I work to promote play every day.


When I became a mother at the end of 2017, I started to see how apparel could fit into our mission of inspiring play. So many people graciously sent my daughter clothes when she was born. Anything Dry Clean Only, no matter how cute, has been worn exactly once. Momo’s Play Clothes are easy to wear and easy to wash. They’re adorable, but not so precious that you won’t want them to get dirty.


Momo’s Play Clothes will actually become part of playtime! Think dinosaur spikes on your hoodie or a unicorn horn on your hat. There’s such a small window in life when one can dress up every day, so let’s embrace it. No one is going to call me a “precious angel” if I show up at the grocery store dressed as a shark. Let’s let our kids enjoy being little.


3. Details matter.

If you’ve ever tried to fit a garment over a screaming newborn baby’s head, or fasten 12 snaps for an impatient little wiggler, you’ll appreciate the little things that make life easier. Momo’s Play Clothes feature practical details like magnetic closures and fold-over hand and foot cuffs. Our lines use high-quality, natural materials that are perfect for snuggling. Kids will love the whimsical prints and playful themes.


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