Staff Profiles: Jason

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Staff Profiles: Jason

You probably recognize Jason as the guy with all the energy scootering around the store singing show tunes. As a valuable team member of Momo's Tree House, he's ready to offer you recommendations for all your toy needs. If you want to know more about Jason, read on!


Did you grow up in Philly?

Yep! I’m originally from the U.K., but I definitely “grew up” in Philly. I spent my childhood in Mt. Airy/Germantown and now live in Center City.


How long have you been at Momo’s Tree House?

Since August 2018 - coming up on a year! 


What’s your favorite Momo’s product and why?

I love our collection of Folkmanis puppets. They’re incredibly life like, some of them work with physics in cool ways to create non-electronic sound effects, and they encourage kids to exercise their creativity and acting skills; screen free fun! 


What’s your favorite part about working at Momo’s?

I think the most important goal of my job is to help parents/guardians/teachers/family members find the tools to be the best kid-influencers they can be, and to help make kids the happiest they can be. Who wouldn’t want that job? 


What do you like best about Philly?

So much! The diversity, the walkability, the food, the community-centered events... I could go on. I love that living in Center City I’m within a few minutes walk of everything I could ever need and I very much get the “city feel,” but if I want to go for a hike along the river in the woods I can do so in the Wissahickon within half an hour of my apartment and still be within city limits. 


What is your favorite thing to do outside of selling toys?

I’m a musician/performer and LGBTQ activist, and I’m very involved in both of those communities within Philadelphia. 


What's something people don't know about you?

This used to be more well known about me but I’ve been so busy recently that it’s been pushed to the side of my life for the last year or so: I’m a musician/performer! I’m finally back in rehearsals a cast member for a full musical show, AND I’m working on ways to integrate music performance into the Momo’s world more often - keep an eye out!


I heard Momo’s has a new customizer in the store! Could you explain what we can get customized and how it works? 

I’d love to! Momo’s recently got a new, amazing machine that allows us to begin to customize products that you purchase here! Customers will be able to choose from a menu of color and font options and get their child’s name or initials printed onto a wide selection of products in our store. I’ve been tinkering with our machine for the last couple of weeks to learn about all it’s cool tricks, and I’m so excited to finally be able to start personalizing your toys to make them extra special for your little ones! Personalization will cost $10, and customers who wish to utilize this service, especially during the busy holiday season, should plan ahead as there is a wait time of up to one week to pick up your personalized products. 



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