The Joy of the Jigsaw

The Joy of the Jigsaw

Why I love puzzles for kids and adults.


This line from a Wall Street Journal interview with Nick Offerman caught my husband’s eye this summer. Before I had brought a puzzle home a few weeks prior, neither of us had done one in decades. I wasn’t especially excited about trying one, but since customers were often asking about our Gradient Puzzle, I wanted to test it out. Now we are hooked. What a fun way to pass the Philadelphia winter!


A salesperson from eeBoo, who makes some of my favorite puzzles, observed yesterday, “You can’t look at your phone and do a puzzle.” You can talk, have a drink, listen to music, or let your mind wander. You get that little “yay!” signal in your brain each time a piece fits. It’s a challenge, but not a burden.


Of course, jigsaw puzzles offer educational benefits for children. They teach kids how to accomplish a big task by tackling small parts. They improve spatial reasoning, planning, and fine motor skills. Friends learn to collaborate on a project. For young children, parents can use puzzles for language development by asking questions like, “What color is this piece? Can you find another yellow piece? Can you find a bear?”


Here are a few of our favorites puzzles by age:


1-year-old: Chunky Puzzle-Ocean

2-year-old: Beginner Puzzle- Forest Friends

3-year-old: 24-Piece Floor Puzzle- Dino

4-year-old: Princess and the Frog 36-Piece Puzzle

Elementary School: Underwater World 100-Piece Puzzle

The Whole Family: Below the Surface 1008-Piece Puzzle



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