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Expand your cities, farms, roads and cloisters to score points and be the winner!

  • Each tiles either has a city, farm, road, or cloister on it.
  • As this is a tile placement game, the strategy derives from where you choose to put your tiles.
  • All tiles that are next to each other must match, so that city tiles are connected to city tiles, and so on.
  • Once a tile is placed, you may choose to put a meeple on it, acting as an occupant in that tile, such as a knight in the city, a farmer in the farm, etc.
  • This meeple scores points once the area is complete.
  • You must choose how you want to place your tiles depending on how your opponents are placing theirs, and be strategic with how you use your limited meeples.
  • A classic and popular game for 2-5 players.
  • Recommended for ages 8+. 
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