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A fast-paced word game.

  • Be the first to get rid of your 5 letter cards and win!
  • Each player looks at the front and back of their 5 letter cards, either in their hand or on the table.
  • The Itzi card deck is placed in the center, play begins by flipping over the top card.
  • Players quickly find a word that starts with one of the letters on their card and answers the Itzi card question - if the card reads "it'z an ice cream flavor" and a player had a card with a C on it, they would yell "chocolate!" and slap the letter card on top of the Itzi card to discard it.
  • Get rid of all 5 letter cards, yell "ITZI!" and win!
  • Watch this cool video!
  • Recommended for ages 8+.
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