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2207 South Street


Littlebit Book Club

Saturday, August 24th at 11 am

Join author Stephanie Henderson Snyder and illustrator Jed Snyder for a reading of the first two books in the up-and-coming board book series, Littlebit Book Club!  After the reading, littlebits will have the opportunity to color and decorate scenes from the books as the author/illustrator/parenting team shares tips on establishing a reading routine at home.  Purchase signed copies of Strolling! A Lucy Littlebit Book and Dining! A Lucy Littlebit Book and be among the first unofficial members of the Littlebit Book Club! This event is perfect for littlebits (ages 0-5) and their parents and caregivers.


Littlebit Book Club Bio

Littlebit Book Club was conceived in 2017 by Stephanie and Jed Snyder, a married author/illustrator team that met while teaching middle school.

Stephanie, a new mom and former reading teacher, began reading books to her newborn daughter, Lucy.  Tired of books about animals and objects, Stephanie grew determined to create a book for babies, toddlers, and the parents who read to them, that would capture their day-to-day experiences while teaching language and literacy.  Thus, Strolling! A Lucy Littlebit Book was drafted, and Jed mastered the illustrations.  

Strolling! follows Lucy Littlebit as she learns about the world while strolling with Mommy all over town.  The book was released in December 2018 and was well-received by littlebits and their caretakers, alike.  As the success of Strolling! grew, Littlebit Book Club released the second book in the series, titled Dining! A Lucy Littlebit Book, which features Lucy and her favorite foods, all prepared by Daddy.  The third book in the series is set to be released in the fall of 2019.

     The Snyder family’s interests include bargain shopping, fantasy football, and toddler mischief.  They live in New Jersey, where they enjoy strolling down the shore.


Book Summaries

Strolling! A Lucy Littlebit Book is the first in a series of baby board books that turns the day-to-day experiences of Lucy Littlebit (and every littlebit!) into fun, colorful, rhyming adventures.  Mommy wakes Lucy for a strolling adventure. Where will they go first? The options abound as they make their way through various settings all over town.

Dining! A Lucy Littlebit Book is the second book in the series.  In this fun, relatable book, Daddy prepares Lucy’s favorite healthy eating options throughout the day.  With a melodic rhythm, readers get to see Daddy and Lucy bond over mealtime.

Join Lucy Littlebit on her early childhood adventures and watch the littlebits in your life make connections to their own experiences as they develop receptive language, new vocabulary, and ultimately, reading comprehension skills.